2015 New England Dustoff

It’s hard to believe that 2015 marks our 10th anniversary of the show at a Motorsports facility; its the 13th year of the show. It may seem like we have come a long way from a cooler of beer and some hamburgers on the grill at Colt State Park, but the essence of the show is still the same. We have worked extremely hard to grow the attendance, sponsorship, and almost every other facet of the show,but our biggest priority has been to keep it a family-friendly event.

There were a few factors involved but this year we made the decision to move the event to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson CT. This venue will allow us the space and flexibility that we need to grow the show for years to come. We had to push the show out a month for 2015 and the date is Sunday May 31. Our normal April show date will resume in 2016.

Some exciting news that has come from the transition to a new venue our some of the new relationships we have formed with sponsors and vendors. We will always be grateful to Mattie Imports for their support of the show but the move to CT just doesn’t make business sense for them to stay on as our Title Sponsor. Do not worry, we are planning to keep them involved and they will be a major support for our end of the year WrapUp show in October.

Kyle has been one of  the biggest assets to OSD and has supported the show (and most us personally) since day 1. He has always gone above and beyond with donations, contributions, anything he could provide, and never asked for recognition. He made a big decision over the last few years and he opened up KDDesigns in Woonsocket. We couldn’t think of a better person and company to have as a Title Sponsor and partner this year. He was our first call and was equally excited to participate in the show. We talked and through his network he got us introduced to his contact at Air Lift Company. A few emails and phone calls later, Air Lift has asked to be the other Title Sponsor.






We will have a ton of new information in the coming week and some very exciting announcements. You can follow us here, on Facebook, Instagram (@germanblake or @thewhitsnpt), and VWvortex for your updates.


Show Information

Ok so here is the all of the latest and greatest info that I can come up with right now. If you have any questions, feel free to post here and someone will do their best to answer them for you.

First off is the number 1 question we get at the entrance to the show. Is there and ATM on site? Yes there is, 2 of them. One located at the restaurant that you drive by on the way into the show, one is located on the Pro Shop. In case you need more cash for food, tshirts etc, or for entrance to the show.

Next question, can my (insert non-vw/audi make here) car park on the track? No, this is ONLY a VW/Audi show. No exceptions, no youre buddy didn’t park on the track in his BMW last year, and no, just no.

Booth cars must have an entrance pass in order to park in a booth. DO NOT get to the gate and say you are a booth car to avoid entrance fee. No pass, no entrance, period. Booth cars should show up early with their vendors or they will have to sit inline with the rest of the show car traffic.

Show car entrance will be visibly signed. You will bear left at a split in the fence and go over the overpass and onto the track. All others will bear right and park on the road track. There are 2 separate entrances for show cars and walk in’s this year.

Speaking of walk ins. There is a $5 per person charge for all walk ins. Kids under 13 are free as we want to make sure the next generation of enthusiasts are not left at home due to budgetary constraints. Also, you MUST sign a track waiver on your way in. Everyone must sign this. This is our first year doing this so please be patient with our staff as there may be times when entrance is slower.

Trailered cars will enter at the same point as the show cars. They will come over the overpass but will continue on the garage area and can unload/load there. plenty of room there. There is no charge for trucks/trailers but they will not be on the track.

I mentioned this quickly earlier but will again. Vendors MUST get there early or sit in show car traffic. We will be at track at 7am and would suggest a 730am arrival to give us a few minutes to prepare. Lines tend to start at gate very early and we have one entrance.

Show car entrance will begin at 9am ad continue until 12ish. If you are in line at 12 and are not near the entrance we will not turn you away. We set this time so that there is an end. We will man the entrance to make sure everyone that is there has a chance to get into show.

Judging will begin at 12pm. We have our judges dressed in high fashion, high visibility trucker hats so that you can spot them easily. Please be at your car at noon so that if judges have any questions you are there to answer them. Have your hood open, doors and trunk open if you want to be judged. If you would prefer not to be judged just leave your hood closed and judges will know. We know that many just like to be on the track and have no problem with that. Awards generally around 3pm or so depending on how long it takes to tally scores.

If you feel that a judge may not see or may miss a mod or 2 on your car, take it upon yourself to make up a list of mods to post where a judge can see it. Our judges will know the cars they are judging but may miss something subtle. It is in your own best interest to be proactive in promoting your car and its modifications.

Concerning the use of EZ-Ups. YOU are responsible for the EZ-Up form the time you take it out of your car until it is taken down and put away. I highly suggest securing it well as if it flies away you will be responsible for any damage it causes. We use buckets of water to tie ours down as it weighs nothing to transport and there are numerous water sources at the track. And it would be very difficult to secure stakes in the asphalt of the track. This includes show cars, club cars and vendors alike.

Club parking will be on the infield of the track weather dependent. You will have plenty of room to set up and hang out. I do ask that whatever messs you make that it eventually makes it into a barrel as we do our own cleanup and I don’t want to be there all night doing it. Be creative in your set up. We do have a few clubs signed up and will be picking our Club of the Year recipient. Based on numbers but also display, attitude and how much fun you have.

Pre-registration is now closed. If you send money to me for show car entrance, please print your receipt in case I don’t see it in time to add you to the list. We will have a list of all payed pre reg at the gate.

We will not have a raffle or a tool scholarship this year as with our new venue and other budgetary constraints we just don’t have it this year. We will bring both back for next year.

We will have tshirts for sale for $12, posters for $2 and stickers for $1 at our Dustoff trailer/booth. These tend to go fast so go by early so you don’t miss out on our awesome new design by Frank Rivera. Cash sales only so be sure to stop at an ATM before you get to show. We will have some 2014 shirts for sale for $7 also. Limited in sizes and numbers to whatever is left.

Track concession stands will be open and serving food all day. Typical track fare. So no outside food allowed. No outside alcohol allowed either as they may open their beer stand.

If you have offered to volunteer please be at track early. We do need help at both entrances and my buddy Justin Case would love a hand parking cars inside the track. Most of our help would be needed from 8am til 1pm or so and then after the show to clean up. If this is something that interests you please be at the track early. Plus you’ll get a cool Staff shirt to sport all day.

I am sure I am forgetting something. I will add to this list as necessary. We want everyone to have a great time at our show and by making all of this information available to you beforehand we can avoid any bad times at the show. So please come on out and enjoy a great day of our favorite cars and support a local show.

Dogs are allowed but must be leashed and cleaned up after. If you fail to follow these guidelines you will be asked to leave.

Thanks and see everyone on Sunday.


Dustoff Executive Sponsor


Another huge contributor to the show, new for 2015, is eEuroparts.com. OSD recently partnered with the team over there and we are very excited for what is to come. A great group of guys who are passionate about the community and anything automotive. They will have a large presence at the show and will also be displaying a couple of cars they sponsor. Our very own Dave Baker from Bakers Dozen Racing will be creating a soot cloud for all to enjoy with his diesel powered rally car. Make sure you stop by the booth and take a look at what years of hard work, tons of money, help from friends and sponsors, blood / sweat / tears and dedication can build.


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Air Lift Company


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